Dear Members,

Hope you are all settling back into the new season and have had a relaxing summer. We all deserve rest and recuperation from labor and a reset is very welcome to put perspective into our affairs and a bounce in our step.

We have been busy in the background working through the summer to get the Scottish Association registration completed and I am very happy to announce that the certificate for re-registration has finally been completed. The new board will meet over the next few weeks and we can get back to the running of the club. There is new legislation, Law No.12, which has again changed the way that clubs are governed under the CDA and this will be reviewed and implemented by our Board through the end of 2017 and into 2018.

And now for the bad news. As in 2015 when we went through the initial registration, delays were encountered . Hence we are very sad to announce that we will not be able to hold our St Andrews Ball in 2017. Although we have provisionally booked a venue and band, we no longer have the time to obtain all the government permissions and promote the event for the benefit of members and partners as we have done in previous years. But being the optimistic bunch we are, we’re looking at the silver lining to this cloud which is we will have much more time to plan our major 2018 events! Our Burns Supper in January and our Chieftain’s Celidh in May and our 2018 St Andrews Ball, The dates of which will be confirmed early in 2018.

We will also be announcing our Social Calendar at the end of October, and there will be more chances for us all to meet socially throughout the year. I am really looking forwards to meeting you all again at our various mixers and meetings during 2017/2018.

As always we welcome anyone who would like to get more involved in the running of the Scottish Association and or its events to get in touch with me, more hands and fresh ideas make for a stronger more relevant Association.
Kind Regards